Fine Art Prints

The images bellow and many more are available as prints created using light-resistant ink on Hahnemühle rag paper in the standard sizes A3 on A2 sheets, or A2 on A1 sheets.

Click to view and choose ”visa i full storlek” !

A3 on A2 sheet. A2 on A1 is twice as large.

The 10 copies in each size of the limited editions are signed and numbered by me (on the front below the picture, not on the picture as above).

The cost of nr 1-5 in each edition: small 150 Euro, large 250 Euro. The last five cost twice as much, then appoaching their true value in terms of time and equipment investments by the photograper.

Mounting of the print in a plain frame without glass (but with sprayed protection) and without passepartout can be obtained for a very low cost as long as I have leftover frames from exhibitions. For more comprising framing; please leave it for professional mounting!

Order by e-mail

Other sizes and media can be ordered as well, for example bleed (utfallande) A1 and A2 which can be mounted on absolutely plane Dibond with or without acrylglass, large format prints on cloth suitable as curtains or on walls and in gardens, etc.

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